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The Green Celebs

The consequences of Fast Fashion obligatorily beckons upon sustainable fashion. We have hit an era where green fashion boldly steps forward to rescue our planet. Several environmental activists and sustainable fashion designers who have pined for a revolution, can now gradually see it happening. Though only a few are dawdling towards this green change, many have at last realised that there is no ‘PLANET-B’!!! The causes of fast fashion have awakened several celebrities around the world. They intend to strive towards sustainable fashion so as to bring about a transformation in the fashion field. Several Celebrities boldly dressed up organic to spread awareness and indicate the need for the whole world to rise towards sustainable fashion. 1. Emma Watson One...

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How to Create a Sustainable Wardrobe

The word ethical and sustainable is heard everywhere these days. Though sustainable is basically used for food and edible stuff, nowadays people apply it to clothing as well. But what is the exact meaning of a sustainable closet? How exactly do you create a sustainable wardrobe? 1. The main step while creating a sustainable closet is streamlining the closet. But it doesn't start with throwing away things. Before tossing away your clothes while causing environmental damage and polluting the land with synthetic. Clothes we can actually streamline our closet into different piles of clothes such as clothes we love may wear soon, that don't fit and the ones you will never wear again. You can then give yourself a few...

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Ethical Fashion is the New Black

Eco fashion or sustainable fashion is the growing trend of sustainability to create a system that can support by environment and social responsibility. Sustainable fashion has become trendy over the recent years. Well flourished designers and celebrities have dragged ethical fashion to street fashion all throughout the world.   For years now, the fashion industry has taught us to buy latest and trendy styles every season. Fast fashion out goes more as it has products that are the cheaper versions of designer trends. But many doubt if it is the right way. Maybe it's time we think well of clothes rather than it being a throwaway piece. Few outright clothes may make your legs look slim and your figure look...

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